Religious Education:

The educational Mission of the Catholic Church is identified as “an integrated ministry embracing three interlocking dimensions: the message revealed by God, fellowship in the life of Spirit or community, and service to the neighbor.”

As a Catholic Christian educational institution, OLMCHS strives to fulfill this mission. These three dimensions- message, fellowship, and service – are reflected by the three dimensions of the religious education program: the Theology department curriculum, Campus Ministry program and the Christian Community Service Program.

Campus Ministry:

Because OLMCHS is a Catholic Christian Institution that accepts and promotes the value of community worship, all members of the family of our school are encouraged to participate in the Holy Masses, retreats, morning prayer and service, days recollection and prayer, reconciliation, and other liturgical celebrations throughout the school year. OLMCHS is committed in offering a minimum of one Holy Mass every month, and one day of reflection each semester.

Christian Community Service:

An important aspect of Christian faith is to service fellowmen and women. The Christian Community Service program involves the students in creative, active ways in the responsibility of meeting the needs of our human family. Our school exists not merely to educate young men and women but to form persons of faith who strive to be men and women for others.

Every graduate of OLMCHS must fulfill the graduation requirement of one-hundred and sixty (160) hours of Christian Service to the island community of Pohnpei (Refer to OLMCHS Handbook for more information about Community Service).