The tuition for each student is $85.00/month for 10 months of the School Year (August-May). Minimum tuition for the entire school year is $850.00, not including the Registration fee ($120.00/ year). Tuition payments may be refunded on prorated basis. Payment plans are as follows:

1. Annual Payment: Full one-time Payment of $850.00 with 10% Discount once paid before opening of classes or upon registration.

2. Semi Annual Payment: Two separate payment of $425.00 is due every first month of semester.

3. Quarterly Payment: Four separate payments of $212.50 due every first week of the quarters.

4.Monthly Payment:   Ten separate payments of $85.00 due prior to beginning of each month.

5. Direct Deposit: Allotment may be made automatically to OLMCHS form the salaries of the students’ parent/s and/or guardian/s.